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Crystal Chest Rewards!

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Noted grimy guam

Noted grimy marrentill

Noted grimy harralander

Noted grimy ranarr

Noted grimy avantoe

Noted grimy dwarf weed

 Noted grimy torstol

Noted coal

Noted uncut dragonstone

Noted iron ore

Noted copper ore

Noted tin ore

Noted gold bar

Noted molten glass

Noted steel bar

Loop half of a key

Tooth half of a key

Rune arrow

Runite bolts

Noted uncut sapphire

Noted uncut emerald

Noted uncut ruby

Noted uncut diamond

Noted Logs

Noted mahogany planks

Super restore flask (6)

Magic Logs


Pure essence

Dragon arrows




Noted Runite ore

Noted Admantite ore

Noted Pure essence

Noted Magic logs

Noted uncut dragonstone

Infinity top

Infinity hat

Infinity boots

Infinity gloves

Infinity bottoms

Barrage runes

Granite maul

Event tokens

Brawling gloves agility

Brawling gloves wc

Brawling gloves fm

Brawling gloves mining

Brawling gloves hunter

Brawling gloves thieving

Brawling gloves smithing

Brawling gloves fishing

Brawling gloves cooking

Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp)

Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp)

Dragon platelegs/plateskirt ornament kit (sp)

Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp)

Dragon kite ornament kit (sp)

Noted dragon bones





Event tokens


Abyssal whip

Guthan’s helm

Guthan’s platebody

Guthan’s chainskirt

Guthan’s warspear

Karil’s coif

Karil’s top

Karil’s skirt

Karil’s crossbow

Bolt rack

Verac’s helm

Verac’s flail

Verac’s brassard

Verac’s plateskirt

Torag’s helm

Torag’s hammer

Torag’s platebody

Torag’s platelegs

Ahrim’s hood

Ahrim’s staff

Ahrim’s robe top

Ahrim’s robe skirt

Dharok’s helm

Dharok’s greataxe

Dharok’s platebody

Dharok’s platelegs




Warsuit hat

Warsuit body

Warsuit legs

Warsuit boots

Warsuit long sword

Event tokens


Noted crystal bones

Huge xp lamp

Dragonbone Upgrade kit

Deathtouchded Dart

Goodie bag

Mystery box


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