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Mystery Box

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Goodie Bags



Shark Fist 1

Shark Fist 2

Shark Fist 3

Shark Fist 4

Crystal Key(2)

Raw Rocktail(100)

Frost Dragon Bones(75)

Dragon Bolt Tip(250)

Dragon Hatchet

Magic Logs(250)

Serpentine Bolts(100)

Abyssal Whip


Mystery Box(2)



Ahrim’s set

Dharok’s set

Verac’s set

Guthan’s set

Karil’s set


Onyx bolt tips(200)

Obsidian Cape

Deathtouched dart

Dragon Arrow(100)

Dragonbone Full Helm

Dragonbone Platebody

Dragonbone Platelegs

Dragonbone Plateskirt

Dragonbone Mage Hat

Dragonbone Mage Top

Dragonbone Mage Bottoms

Dark Bow


Crystal Key(5)

Weapon poison++

Runite Ore(150)

Ring of Wealth

Red Hatchling Dragon

Blue Hatchling Dragon

Green Hatchling Dragon

Black Hatchling Dragon

Mystery Box(2)



Spirit Shield

Berserker Necklace

Dragon Full Helm

Dragon Platebody

Amulet of Fury

Staff of Light

Zamorak Hilt

Saradomin Sword

Ganodermic Flake(2000)

Event Token(5000)

Serpentine Crossbow

Serpentine Rapier

Off-hand Serpentine Rapier

Serpentine Wand

Culinaromancer’s Gloves 10

Dragon Defender

Goodie Bag

Mystery Box(3)

Easter Ring

Dragonbone Boots

Dragonbone Gloves

K’ril’s Godcrusher Helm

K’ril’s Godcrusher Chest

K’ril’s Godcrusher Legs

Kalphite Coif

Kalphite Body

Kalphite Chaps

Necromancer Robe Top

Necromancer Robe Hood

Necromancer Robe Bottom

Dragonbone Mage Gloves

Dragonbone Mage Boots

Dragonbone Upgrade Kit


Very Rare

Glaiven Boots

Ragefire Boots

Steadfast Boots

Lava Party Hat

Coins(5m, 10m)

Chaotic Claws

Black Party Hat

Uncut Onyx(50)

Pink Party Hat

Orange Party Hat

Christmas Cracker

Mystery Box(4)

Barrows Dye

Third-age Dye

Shadow Dye

Gold Paint

Red Paint


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