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    Many Suggestions (Irons and regulars)

    Iron Man Reply i agree with everything except 1 and 2 1.) We have had countless changes with the supplies in the shops we have people cry and complain about how little there was and to much there have been i think we have found the perfect amount personally 2.) There is a teleport ::db Regular Reply i like mostly all of these ideas and a few of them I've been suggesting myself for awhile now and absolutely love seeing other people thinking the same way but of course i have some disagrees 7.) i think personally that the laps are fine i feel like the comp (t) is a game finishing cape although i think there should be a lot more achievements like you said something I've been suggesting for a long time 8.)200 slayer task for the comp cape was so easy i wish i would have done 200 boss task to make it last longer i have the same opinion the (t) cape should be hard and long so its rewarding when you get it 11.)these have been changed so many times so often i feel like they are somewhat fair if your going for cosmetics which if your not your wasting your time with them in the first place cause that's what they reward you shouldn't open a Christmas cracker expecting all blues you have to be prepared to get the shit yellows reds and purples. 12.)i don't think revamping this would matter much if you play awhile and do a lot of slayer task you will find out you'll get over a few hundred spins fairly easy but you do never get anything worth while so i can understand you wanting a revamp but i think this is more a if we have time update These are some of your points i liked and wanted to know more 10.) id like some more elaboration on this cause i think this is a great idea and should be added soon as heck 13.) revs are in game 20.)raids are being added very soon i'm told so hype! 21.)is it actually 50? cause i'm pretty sure i was able to collect a lot more than 50 though i didn't pay attention i would like to see the shooting star and evil trees added 22.)if i remember there are more titles being added that may have been a player saying it though i don't remember josh saying it or not Such a good suggestion thread good job some people don't know how to post suggestions and post incomplete idea but this is a hell of a list and had mostly good on it i look forward to more suggestions from you and hope you didn't mind me commenting my thoughts on your suggestion i usually welcome people to comment on my suggestions so we can make it better so i assume you wouldn't mind.