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  1. Nick

    *Clan* Skillers *Recruitment*

    Indeed, still looking Depending on making Level 3's only or overall 200m/120 skillers
  2. Hello Everybody! I have gotten in the mood to start this great idea. I am recruiting for a clan! Yeah maybe too early? OH WELL! Recruiting for Skillers Only! Must choose the skiller upon creation and must have at least 5 99s in a skill... Our goals? >Achieve 200m xp in all skills. >Acquire all the cosmetics >Become the leading examples of skillers soon to come. *More will be inserted later* If interested Hit me up In-Game. Things will get more strict upon arrival of more players. Thank You!
  3. Made me create a new forum account but I guess greatness starts anywhere.

  4. Nick

    Self Intro

    What's good my guys. Nick here, Age 20, Blood Type A, Occupation Active Air Force, Live? USA. What I do for fun doesn't matter. Gamer, trying to make a comeback. Anyways, You want to know more? Ask me. **VET PLAYER GOML*