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    Many Suggestions (Irons and regulars)

    10. 120 perk capes would be perks you get for wearing the 120 cape. I played another server, and don't want to link it, but they had some really interesting rewards for hitting the 120 cape. A few examples from their server: 120 agility would let you have unlimited run energy. (this server had a huge pvp aspect, so this was one of the best capes). 120 runecrafting would allow the user to have access to unlimited runes while wearing the cape. 120 slayer allowed for free rerolling tasks. 120 construction let you have unlimited supplies for creating your house. (this cape required max xp in the skill though). 120 hunter let you get double the loot, and black chins were a great source of money since they sold for like 80k each. 120 herblore let you have a 25% chance to make double potions, 120 prayer let you restore your prayer x5 as fast. 120 farming gave you double herbs. 120 summoning had a 25% chance to make double pouches. etc etc. The combat ones weren't very good. But still had some use. 120 range let you have unlimited ammo. I know many sound OP, but you could only use 1 at a time. Unless you had the comp cape. Then you were able to add 3 capes into your comp cape. 21. Serverwide only 50 are allowed to be looted. We had a few people run a warband earlier today, and we could each only get like 16 pieces or something. It definitely wasn't 50 per person.
  2. Hello guys, I'm going to post a list of suggestions I'd like to see in the game. For both Ironmen, and regular players. Irons Only: 1. Limit us more. I didn't even have to really bother with herblore since the shop had everything I needed. Same goes for farming, I thought I was doing good with my magic seed collection for farming, then I went to farming and found out the magic saplings sell for 1 gp each... Essence is only in shops at 1k at a time, but that magic sapling has 20k. Why is that? 2. Fix the teleport at edz/dz. Irons can't tele to the donor boss. Doesn't seem fair. (I know this is known) 3. Currently have no way of opening barrows sets earned through baggies since I can't use the grand exchange. (This is being looked into) 4. Add cannonballs to PVM shop if they aren't already added. 1 point per ball. This is a private server, nobody is going to smith 15k cannonballs. 5. Add hardcore Ironman. I'd love to play a 1 life thing. Normals Suggestions: a. Add higher drop rates to revs, and add all the artifacts, to sell them to the NPC for gold. This would make pvp huge, and give a way to make money. b. Add Hard mode bosses. Higher drop rates, but they hit higher/have more health c. Add the turmoil for range/mage. d. Make melee/mage not suck ass. Range is so much better its not worth using mage/melee. 1. Make crystal keys great again. These are awful. I've gotten literally every single ornament kit from these. Make them drop clue scrolls, or other rare chances at goodish items. Lamps, supplies, dyes etc. Obviously scaling the rarity. Make opening 500 a requirement for comp cape(t) or something. 2. Make gold valuable. There is no reason to get gold atm. I'm an ironman, but I'm scared for new players who can't get gold. Many starting items need to be bought with gold. there needs to be a way to get gold besides just smithing/dailies. 3. Make the cannon useful or nerf the points needed. The only good places I've found to use this is chickens and chaos dwarves. There is no good multi areas to train range with it. 4. Add the npc for swapping clean herbs into unfinished potions. (This is being worked on) 5. Give extreme donors+ a better ring of wealth. or a scroll that increases pet drop chances. Something to encourage more donations. 6. Get advertising for this server. So much potential, but such a little player base. 7. More comp(t) reqs. 1500+ laps being the worst task is stupid. I'm only on medium mode, but 1500 laps is going to easily break 200m xp. Maybe add a ticket for each lap completed, that can eliminate another lap. So those who don't want to waste xp can get it over with faster. You can add many other tasks, including more boss kills, total kills, total xp, summoning pouches created, trees grown, etc. (Make the tickets tradeable for regulars so they can make money from agility). 8. Make slayer easier. Add a teleport to task option and a slayer task skip ticket. I'm currently 106m slayer xp, and I've done 4 tasks. Granted I used lamps, but 200 tasks is a daunting challenge and another area of wasting time If I'm already 200m xp. I also see a lot of people skipping tasks because they just don't know how to get to the task. 9. Add more uniques to skiller shop. Add the skilling outfits, and give them a 5-10% xp bonus when skilling. (primarily the ones without brawlers). Add tokens that let you skip agility laps, or agility tickets that give xp for a lap. or dart tips, bars, etc. 10. add 120 perks. I've got a whole list of potential perks if they aren't already implemented. and if this is added, add a way to add x3 120 capes to your comp cape to keep the perks while using the better cape. 11. MAKE GOODIEBAGS GREAT AGAIN. I've opened like 40 of these, and its typically just trash items. Make them more expensive, or whatever you need to do, but make the items good. I feel so cheated opening 10 junk items. 12. Make SOF great again. Remove the junk items. ex) 12 cannonballs.... (SELL SPINS FOR $$$$, you'd make a ton from donations, but if this is the case, don't let us irons buy them). 13. Add Revs. (This could be good for money making with all the artifacts and stuff, but primarily a better way to get pvp gear) 14. Organize the ::commands. It's such a mess. It's hard to find the command I'm looking for. Organize it based on rank (nondonor, donor, ext, supp, mod, admin, etc). 15. Add the player owned shops. (obviously ironmen can't buy stuff). I saw the NPC out in the wildy called Player Owned Shops. And thought it'd be a better solution than the grand exchange (which may or may not work) 16. Swap homes every month. I saw this from Alex I believe? It is a great idea. The home can get a little boring after a while. (ALSO: ADD BANKS TO THE BIG GE TOWERS IN THE MIDDLE OF HOME. It's so annoying that they don't have it.) 17. let us add dragon pickaxe/hatchet to tool kit. The reason this wasn't working was because I was using the older styled models. 18. This one is a bit biased, but i like the way t90 gear is earned in rs3. you don't just need 1 big drop. You can eventually create it after earning so many pieces of the stuff needed to make it. So add a base drop of like 1 plate or something, and 300 plates will let you make a piece. That way those who go super dry can still earn it. 19. Add the steel platebodies to the summoning shop, or make summoning harder. I don't know why some servers do this. Why put literally everything needed for farming into the farming store, but you don't have every summoning item in the summoning shops? It isn't hard to make steel platebodies, I just hate inconsistent stores. Like 1k pure essence vs 20k magic saplings. 20. If you have access to them, add some OSRS bosses/raids or RS3 Raids. Raids would be awesome, both RS3 and OSRS. Also osrs bosses are fun and easy, like Cerberus or zulrah, etc 21. Warbands is stupid. 50 resources for the entire server? Make it 50 per person. And add the other events, like evil tree, shooting star, etc. 22. Add more donator statuses. I'm sure we'd all continue donating if more players kept growing on this server. (Try and make it so we don't have to choose more statuses or donating for items. It'd be cool to have your status based on total $ donated, and not how many bonds you bought.) 23. This is a huge suggestion I'd love to see. Make it so when you right click examine a boss, it shows its total health left, or have it pop up the drop table. There are some mobs that I can't find when using the base commands. 24. QBD 200 constant damages for activating the pillars is stupid. I get hit by 200's when activating it. and when activating the final pillar. After activating the final, and the QBD is dead, i still get hit 200's... I know its anti safespot, but man that isn't the way. Nerf it a bit. Will continue to update as we come up with more.