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    Mystery Box

    Goodie Bags Common: Shark Fist 1 Shark Fist 2 Shark Fist 3 Shark Fist 4 Crystal Key(2) Raw Rocktail(100) Frost Dragon Bones(75) Dragon Bolt Tip(250) Dragon Hatchet Magic Logs(250) Serpentine Bolts(100) Abyssal Whip Coal(450) Mystery Box(2) Uncommon: Ahrim’s set Dharok’s set Verac’s set Guthan’s set Karil’s set Dragonstone(25) Onyx bolt tips(200) Obsidian Cape Deathtouched dart Dragon Arrow(100) Dragonbone Full Helm Dragonbone Platebody Dragonbone Platelegs Dragonbone Plateskirt Dragonbone Mage Hat Dragonbone Mage Top Dragonbone Mage Bottoms Dark Bow Cannonball(2000) Crystal Key(5) Weapon poison++ Runite Ore(150) Ring of Wealth Red Hatchling Dragon Blue Hatchling Dragon Green Hatchling Dragon Black Hatchling Dragon Mystery Box(2) Rare Spirit Shield Berserker Necklace Dragon Full Helm Dragon Platebody Amulet of Fury Staff of Light Zamorak Hilt Saradomin Sword Ganodermic Flake(2000) Event Token(5000) Serpentine Crossbow Serpentine Rapier Off-hand Serpentine Rapier Serpentine Wand Culinaromancer’s Gloves 10 Dragon Defender Goodie Bag Mystery Box(3) Easter Ring Dragonbone Boots Dragonbone Gloves K’ril’s Godcrusher Helm K’ril’s Godcrusher Chest K’ril’s Godcrusher Legs Kalphite Coif Kalphite Body Kalphite Chaps Necromancer Robe Top Necromancer Robe Hood Necromancer Robe Bottom Dragonbone Mage Gloves Dragonbone Mage Boots Dragonbone Upgrade Kit Very Rare Glaiven Boots Ragefire Boots Steadfast Boots Lava Party Hat Coins(5m, 10m) Chaotic Claws Black Party Hat Uncut Onyx(50) Pink Party Hat Orange Party Hat Christmas Cracker Mystery Box(4) Barrows Dye Third-age Dye Shadow Dye Gold Paint Red Paint
  2. Mime

    Trivia Questions

    Trivia Questions "How many altars are there at the altars location?", "4" "What is the maximum total level you can achieve?", "3000" "In what year was RuneScape established?", "2001" "What is maximum combat level in CrystalzScape?", "169" "How many barrows brothers are there?", "7" "How many squeal of fortune item options are there", "13" "What is the first ancient spell?", "smoke rush" "What is the most powerful curse?", "Turmoil" "How much percentage does a dragon dagger special attack require?", "25%" "What color is the donator sign?", "purple" }, "What's the hardest skill to get max level in?", "dungeoneering" "What is the best free to play armour?", "Rune" "Where do you get Zeals at?", "Soul wars" "How many cannon balls do you need to refill a royale cannon?", "90" "Who is the owner?", "Josh" "Who is the co-owner?", "Justin" "How much xp is required to achieve 120 dungeoneering", "104m" "What do you receive when a fire disappears?", "Ashes" "What is the name of the new firecape?", "TokHaar-Kal" "What boss drops sigils?", "Corporeal beast" "How much does regular donator cost?", "$10" "How much does extreme donator cost?", "$20" "Which boss drops hybrid armours?", "Blink" "What gem is required to make an amulet of fury?", "Onyx" "How many rare and super rare slots are there on the Squeal of Fortune?", "4" "What level is required to wield chaotic weapons?", "80" }, "How many flakes are required to make a full ganodermic set?", "7000" "What boss drops the boogie bow?", "Sunfreet" "What summoning level is needed to make a Pack Yak?", "96" "What revision is CrystalzScape?", "718" "What cape is the hardest to obtain?", "Completionist cape" "Which boss is the donator boss?", "barrelchest" "What item is needed to enter the kalphite lair?", "rope" "What level is the Kalphite Queen in its second phase?", "333" "Which interface tab displays the rules, and teleports?", "task tab" "What type of altar grants bonus prayer exp when you use bones on it?", "gilded altar" "Which command lets you play in old and new looks?", "switchitemslook" "How many methods of dungeoneering are there?", "3" "How many glacyte boots are there?", "3" "How many warnings result in a 48 hour ban?", "3" "How many warnings results in a permanent ban?", "6" "What fletching level is needed to create bolas?", "87" "How many waves are there in the fight kiln?", "37" "How many waves are there in the fight caves?", "63" "What aura heals you when you deal damage?", "vampyrism" "Where can you spend trivia points?", "Trivia shop" "Which boss drops the Flameburst defender?", "sea troll queen" "What agility level does the advanced barbarian outpost course require?", "90" "What command lets staff know that you need assistance?", "ticket" "Where can you fish rocktails?", "living rock cavern" "What fishing level is needed to catch sharks?", "76" "What command is used to prestige?", "prestige" "What command takes you to CrystalzScape's forums?", "forums" "Which NPC drops the Zaryte bow?", "nex" "What is the drop rate of a divine sigil?", "4%" "What quest is needed to wield a dragon scimitar on RuneScape?", "monkey madness" "What strength bonus do primal boots offer?", "+10" "What quest allows you to wear 'barrows' gloves?", "recipe for disaster" "What is the best melee dungeoneering armour?", "primal" "What herb is combined with extreme potions to make an overload?", "torstol" "What is the highest amount of hitpoints a player can achieve?", "1820" "How many waves are in the undead nightmare minigame?", "7" "Where can crystal keys be used?", "magic chest" "Where can undead tokens be spent?", "undead shop" "What level does a skillcape require?", "99" "What command shows a list of all the players online?", "players" "How can you report a player who breaks the rules?", "reportplayer" "How can you report a staff member who is acting out of line?", "reportstaff" "How can you report a bug or glitch?", "reportbug" "What ranged and defence levels does armadyl armour require?", "70" "How much tokkul does killing Jad in the fight caves reward you?", "16064" "What is the global friends chat?", "help" }, "How much dominion factor is required to obtain the gloves?", "150k" "Which is the most powerful godsword?", "armadyl godsword" "What colour is the forums mod crown ingame?", "green" "What is the special attack of Armadyl's godsword known as?", "armadyl's judgement" "How can you make a suggestion?", "suggestion" "What is the best gem obtainable through lava flow mining?", "Onyx" "How many tiers of donator status are there?", "two" "What is the drop rate of all boss pets?", "3%" "Which command shows you a list of all the 'trackers'?", "pvm" "In total, how many laps are needed to obtain the trimmed completionist cape?", "1600" "How many requirements are there for the skillers cape?", "24" "Which ring boosts drop rates and gives access to the rare drop table?", "ring of wealth" "How can you check out updates made to the server?", "updates" "Who wears an afro and has a lizard as a pet?", "party pete" "Which skill involves killing creatures assigned to you?", "Slayer" "Who was the first NPC to wander the game?", "Hans" "At what level do you reach true mastery in a skill?", "120" "What is Runescape's predecessor?", "Devious mud" "Which NPC lets you change your difficulty?", "Stat resetter" "Which NPC can you sell your items to?", "General Store" "What direction is the gilded altar at altars", "East" "What Dragon requires 120 Dungeoneering?", "Gold Dragon" "What Dragon requires a total level of 3000 to access?", "Crystal Dragon" "What Donator rank has access to the Bank command?", "Extreme" "What command lets you see the which npc drops a certain item?", "Dropname" "What command lets you see what a specific NPC drops?", "Npcname" "What command lets you save your outfit?", "Savegear" "What command lets you load your saved outfits?", "loadgear" "What command lets you change from old and new combat animations", "anims" "What slayer master gives out boss tasks?", "Grim Reaper" "True or False? Justin is the biggest noob.", "True" "What color is the ingame moderator crown?", "Silver" "What color is the support icon?", "blue" "How many spell books are there?", "3"
  3. Mime


    Welcome to CrystalzScape! Glad to hear you enjoy the server. You already know that if you see me online and need help to ask away. Hope you stay to see the server regrow.