Programmed by dedicated coders, CrystalzScape wants to bring you a RSPS experience like no other.
We focus on listening to players ideas! So we can make CrystalzScape great together!

What is CrystalzScape?

CrystalzScape is a remake project based on the 718 revision. Come join us today!.


Although in constant development, our content is great but always a work in progress, CrystalzScape is running stable 24/7.


Fight bosses for great loot, make sure you team up!.


Build your own house, invite people and show off what you've built to the world.

Double EXP Weekends

Remember to gear up for every weekend! Where you get double EXP.

All 120

Become the very best! All skills can be leveled to 120!


After you have leveled to 120 you are able to prestige your skills, and train agian! Never be bored.

Other Features


Working dungeonering, with loads of content!

Grand Exchange

Buy and sell all of your items on our open market known as the Grand Exchange. Makes it easier buying and selling!

Player Owned Houses

Working construction! Buy a home and make it yours.

Great Exp Rates

Train at a decent rate, we feature different game modes, making it more interesting! Try Ironman or keep it simple on our normal exp rate!

Rare Loot and Rewards

Fight some of our toughest bosses, hardest skills, and complete random events to earn rare loot that will sure catch everyone attention!


Donator benefits, donate for items, we offer alot of different items in our webshop! We sell these items to support our server, all money are used on server development!


See for yourself what we have to offer

Join CrystalzScape and embark on an epic adventure


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